Frequently Asked Questions:

What types of floor surfaces were the Power Wedge designed to take advantage of?
Power Wedges can be installed on any type of floor.

What do I get with my Power Wedge purchase?
The Power Wedge is a 2-piece device consisting of a striker plate with an upturned lip designed to rest lower than average thresholds to prevent tripping and a triangular wedge that engages the striker plate's upturned lip when placed on top. Package includes 2 - #10, 1 1/4" long stainless steel screws, for mounting, along with 2 plastic anchor plugs for anchoring in all floors, except wood. Power Wedges are made of stainless steel, guaranteed free of defects and all parts come with a lifetime replacement warranty.

How can I tell if my exterior doors would benefit from the added security of a Power Wedge?
Take the Power Wedge test! Unscrew the two small screws holding the striker plate on your door frame to see what is protecting you and your family from potential intruders. Four feet above the floor is where an intruder normally “kicks in” a door. It takes much greater force to break a locking device located at floor level.

Where can I look for more information about home security and crime prevention in my neighborhood?
Your local police department, Crimestoppers and Neighborhood Watch all have very effective crime prevention programs and can advise you on home security systems, personal protection and self defense products.

Is the striker plate a tripping hazard?
In over 15 years of use, there has NEVER been any problem with tripping with the Power Wedge. The striker plate's upturned lip must be shorter than the exterior door's threshold for the door to swing over, and at the edge of door (people usually walk through the center of the door). The striker plate is very close to the threshold, and the lip is turned towards the threshold making it difficult for someone to trip on it. The exterior door threshold is a much LARGER tripping hazard, and people learn to step over the thresholds very quickly. As stated in the installation instructions, the upturned lip on the striker plate can be slightly bent downward to allow for shorter thresholds.

Can the Power Wedge be used on interior doors?
Power Wedges WERE NOT designed for interior doors without thresholds. Using a Power Wedge in this manner voids ALL product guarantees and warranties.

Has the Power Wedge ever undergone any strength testing?
We performed hundreds of tests using steel commercial doors and in every case the doors failed FIRST with the Power Wedges NEVER FAILING. An 8,000 pound Warn winch was directly connected to a Power Wedge and it took over 1,000 pounds of direct force to make a Power Wedge fail. With a Power Wedge in place an intruder would have to exert several thousand pounds of pressure to the area approximately 4' above the floor where doors are typically forced, to cause it to fail. PLEASE NOTE: As the installation instructions state, the striker plate must be securely anchored for the Power Wedge to function at this level of power. These tests were performed using wood and concrete floors.

What about French or half-glass doors? Could someone break the glass and remove my Power Wedge?
With the striker plate "lip" turned towards the threshold at a 30 degree angle, it would be very difficult for someone pressing against a door (a typical home invasion scenario) to reach down and remove a Power Wedge.

The threshold of my door is 2" tall. Will the Power Wedge work in my situation?
The Power Wedge is designed for doors that are 2.5" or less from the floor.


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