Customer Comments:

I bought my first set 7 years ago when we built our house. I liked them so much I bought and installed a set at my Mom's, Dad's and Mother-in-law's houses. We are fixing to move and my wife said I want the power wedges on our new house.
  - Chad Philpot, Tennessee

We have bought them before, and we are looking forward to these new 3" models for our new house. An outstanding product! You sell a quality product with good solid design. I was a Mechanical Designer for 15 years, and the simple, clear, and solid design is what is left over after you trim off the dross. Beyond complexity lies simplicity, and you have put together the elements of this device in such a way that the minimum does the maximum with ease.
  - Johnn Schroeder, Buffalo, MN

You will be pleased to hear that I am a repeat customer and love your product.
  - Anthony, Allentown, PA

My husband found your website a few years ago when he was searching for better door locks for our house. We are moving now and are leaving them for the new owners so we needed a new set for the new house. I love your power wedges! My husband works nights and i sleep much better knowing the power wedges are on my doors. We have recommended them to every one we know.
  - Anna Kinney, Bethel, OH

I use power wedges every night when I lock my doors, and sleep better because of it.
  - Taylor Sanderson, Birdsnest, VA

Pittsburg, Pa: "A drunk estranged husband armed with a pistol, tried to break into his ex-wifes' home and kicked in the normal dead bolt lock, BUT Lassiter Home Security had installed a POWER WEDGE, which the would be burglar could not break. He was still kicking on the door when police arrived and arrested him." The estranged ex-husband had planned on KILLING his ex-wife, he later told the police.
  - Ed Lassiter, President of Lassiter Home Security said the POWER WEDGE was the BEST lock he has used to prevent intruders from breaking in a door.

I received the PowerWedge less than 30 minutes ago and it is now installed! The installation instructions were clear and concise. My installation was on a concrete floor and your tip on how to handle gravel when encountered was extremely heipful. Thanks for the speedy delivery of a very innovative product.
  - George Burton of South Boston, Virginia

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