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Out of Business
December 31, 2017 was our last day of business.
Remaining inventory will be available from M & M Hardware & Builders Supply, 4420 Hwy 79, Homer, LA 71040. Phone 318-927-3209.

THANKS to our many customers who have purchased our new innovative POWER WEDGES over the last 13 years.
We have sold over 2,000 POWER WEDGES to almost every state in the USA.
We have saved lives and changed the way people evaluate door security.
We feel like we have accomplished what God wanted us to do.

TIME IS LIFE in a Home Invasion

Thanks to our many customers in the US and overseas who are using Power Wedges to protect their homes. Power Wedge remains the strongest door lock in the world at a reasonable price.

The Power Wedge is a safe, reliable and easy to use floor mounted locking system that is not accessible from the outside and designed for exterior in-swinging doors. Unlike typical deadbolts and chain locks that are attached to the weaker door jamb with small screws, the stainless steel Power Wedge is anchored with large stainless steel screws that use the strength of your floor to withstand tremendous force. Simple physics show that our body mass is centered 3 to 5 feet above the ground, thereby making it very difficult to apply very much pressure to the bottom of a door. Put some real POWER in your home security. Get a Power Wedge and sleep easy at night.

U.S Concealed Carry Weekly Newsletter, 2-15-08: " In a home invasion, every second counts, and with the POWER WEDGE, you can have many more seconds........seconds to secure your family, call the police, ready your firearm, and take up a good defensive position". This was after the review team at USCC installed and tested 2 POWER WEDGES.

The Home Invasion web site mentions that "The POWER WEDGE appears to be one of the most effective door stops on the market."

We like to call the Power Wedge "The New Force in Home Security." The Crime Stopper Team for KTBS Channel 3 of Shreveport, Louisiana evaluated the Power Wedge with a local law enforcement officer who was "impressed by its strength" calling it "a TREMENDOUS device that could probably SAVE some lives." Other television stations have shown it as a possible solution to Lock Bumping.

POWER WEDGES sell for $19.95 each plus shipping, Please refer to the BUY NOW page to purchase. U.S Patent # 5,199,759.

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